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Windows on any device

Run Windows Virtual Private Server in your favorite web browser.

Windows for MAC


iPad & iPhone






Earn extended 30 days free trial.

Set up in 30 seconds

No downloading. No installing. No waiting.
Open your web browser

On Mac , Android or Windows.

Enjoy AppOnFlying!

Your VPS is ready to use.

Trial any software

Keep you computer safe and clean.
Trial any software inside AppOnFly VPS.
Install any software

You can install any desktop or server software into AppOnFly VPS.

Keep you computer safe and clean

Stay safe when trialing unknown software. Install it into AppOnFly VPS and keep your computer clean from viruses and malware.

Get more time to trial your app

When you run out of time, simply start new AppOnFly VPS and trial again.

Windows apps
on Mac

No need to install Parallels or Windows.

Simply open your favorite web browser and connect to AppOnFly VPS where you can install and run any Windows desktop software.

No commitments

Pay as you go. Don't get stuck paying for your VPS when you're not using it.
One week trip

$5.90 / week

Most popular

$11.90 / month

Best value

$119.00 / year

Stay online 24/7

Windows apps running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Running 24/7

Business software, forex trading, accounting, backup, gaming or any other Windows apps running 24/7.

Access from any place and any device

No matter where you are and what device you use, your Windows desktop apps are available using any web browser.

Provide access for your customers

Install any desktop software into AppOnFly VPS and provide secure access for your customers, suppliers and partners.

Anonymous surfing

No need to install complicated VPN or Proxy. Simply connect to AppOnFly VPS and surf anonymously inside a remote virtual private server.
VPN or Proxy server
AppOnFly VPS
  • Complicated setup

  • Browser might keep unwanted files in your computer

  • Might be trackable by internet provider

  • Setup in 30 seconds

  • Keeps your computer always clean and safe

  • Untrackable by internet provider

Secret vault

The simplest way to keep your secrets safe.
Hide your communication

Send and receive emails and chat via your favorite apps like Facebook messenger or Whatsapp running on secure remote desktop. Keep your email and chat history safe in AppOnFly VPS.

Collaborate safely

Install any desktop software into AppOnFly VPS and collaborate safely. No data leave your secure vault.

Share secret data securely

Encrypt data with your favorite tool like VeraCrypt or Bitlocker and share it securely inside AppOnFly VPS without sending it over unencrypted network or using public clouds like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Bypass blocked sites and internet restrictions

Visit your favorite sites even on restricted corporate or school network.
Freedom at your fingertips

Visit your favorite sites like Facebook or Instagram, which might be blocked on corporate or school networks. Use your local browser to securely connect to AppOnFly virtual private server. Inside its remote desktop, start another browser and use it to surf wherever you like.


AppOnFly’s customer support team is all around the globe, so we’re readily available to point you in the right direction and answer questions. Our offices are at San Francisco, California and Prague, Czech Republic.

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