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Expand your reach with AppOnFly

AppOnFly is a cloud-based remote desktop service that builds your customer base by empowering customers to trial or buy your app instantly, and then pay for it on a monthly basis.

Bringing your Windows desktop apps to your customers from the cloud in 30 seconds

No downloading, no installing, no waiting. Customers will get instant access to your app, whenever and wherever they need it.

Trial or buy your app from


We create a page unique to your app where customers can sign up for a free trial of your app, try a new version if available, or see how it will run in the cloud. Of course, they can also purchase your app on a pay-by-month basis.

Trial or buy your app from

Your own site


The AppOnFly API enables your customers to trial or buy your app - from the cloud, within seconds - without having to leave your website. The AppOnFly API is easy-to-use and comprehensive support is provided.

More freedom with monthly billing

AppOnFly lets customers pay for your app on a month-by-month basis, without having to make long-term commitments.

One month free trial for new customers

Like bees to honeypot, one month free use of your app will attract new customers.

Free marketing of your app

Your app will be exclusively promoted on the AppOnFly homepage for one week, as well as being a Featured App in our monthly newsletter.

Track your sales in real time

See how many new customers you have with the AppOnFly Vendor Dashboard. Everything you need to know about your app’s usage will be available, including how many users have signed up for a free trial, and how many users have purchased your application.


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