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Is VAT included in the price?

VAT included in the price

If your tax status is "Non-VAT Registered", your account will be charged the standard VAT rate in your country. This VAT will automatically be included in your AppOnFly price.

VAT not included in the price

If your business address is in the European Union (EU) and both of the following statements are true for you, VAT will not be included in your AppOnFly price. Instead, you will be responsible for assessing your own VAT, and you must register for a VAT ID and pay VAT on your AppOnFly costs at your EU member state's local rate. This is in accordance with EU Council Directive 2006/112/EC.

  1. Your business address is in the EU, but outside of Czech Republic.
  2. Your tax status is "VAT Registered"

Selecting "VAT Registered" tax status means that you would like to see an economic benefit from your AppOnFly service, such as receiving increased revenue or sales. The vast majority of AppOnFly customers choose this option.


If you need to change your VAT status or billing country, please advise us at .

AppOnFly cannot give advice regarding VAT. For questions about VAT, consult your tax adviser or revenue commissioner.

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