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How is my AppOnFly subscription renewed?

Your subscription of AppOnFly Platfrom and any ordered Apps is automatically renewed each month. The renewal date is displayed on your web profile as “NEXT PAYMENT DATE”. The following month’s full payment is automatically processed on the 25th of each month (by direct debit).

To check your renewal and next payment date:

  • Log in to your web profile with your username and password.
  • Go to your dashboard on Your Apps.
  • Your next payment date is displayed above the list of applications together with the total amount to be charged.



Next month’s payment is scheduled for 25th May 

On 25 May, the full month’s payment is processed automatically by direct debit to your card

AppOnFly Platform (1 June – 30 June)

EUR 8,00

MS Project Standard 2013 (1 June – 30 June)

EUR 14,40


EUR 22,40


Your subscription to MS Project Standard 2013 and AppOnfly Platform is renewed until 30 June.

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