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How do I cancel a scheduled DEACTIVATION?

For any reason, you may decide to cancel deactivation any time before the end of the current payment period.

To cancel “deactivation” please:

  • Log in to your web profile with your e-mail address and password
  • Go to Your Apps
  • Choose “CANCEL DEACTIVATION” on the App to which you wish to continue subscribing

NOTE: If you cancel deactivation after the 25th of the month, we will charge you the next month’s payment as your subscription is prepaid only until the end of the current payment period.


  • You are a user of MS Project Standard 2013 and AppOnFly platform
  • On 15 May, you click to “DEACTIVATE” MS Project Standard 2013
  • Your subscription remains active until 31 May
  • On 28 May, you decide to “CANCEL DEACTIVATION” of MS Project Standard 2013
  • We will charge you June’s payment
  • Your subscription is renewed and valid until 30 June.
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