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How to get 30 days AppOnFly VPS free trial?

Make a stunning video about AppOnFly and earn one month free trial in 3 simple steps.

1. Make a stunning video

Show other users how you use AppOnFly. No matter if you use it for work or fun, running Windows apps or playing games. Choose a topic which you are familiar with, show valuable tricks and tips.

  • How to start free trial of AppOnFLy VPS

  • How to subscribe to AppOnFly VPS

  • How to connect to AppOnFly VPS

  • How to play your favorite game on AppOnFly

  • How to run Windows on Mac

  • How to run Windows on Chromebook

  • How to run Windows on Android

  • How to run Microsoft Access on Mac

  • How to download and upload files to AppOnFly

  • How to install software to AppOnFly

  • How to run AppOnFly in fullscreen

  • How to print from AppOnFly

  • How to surf anonymously with AppOnFly

  • or choose a favorite topic of your own...

2. Publish your video

Upload your video to YouTube, add a description and a link to AppOnFly VPS.

In this video you can see how to use Microsoft Access on Mac with AppOnFly VPS

Do not forget to add your email tag at the end of AppOnFly link ?

3. Promote your video

Let other users know about your stunning video. Use your YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram or blog post. As soon as you reach 1000 video views, we will send to your email free 30 days AppOnFly VPS access.

Already 1,000 views?

Let us know!

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